Denim romper – part 2

When working with my calico practice romper, I realised why the original pattern called for a 24-inch zip: it’s entirely necessary for a stand-up pee. I had stitched up the gusset an extra two inches, which meant having to take it off my shoulders to use the loo.

But because it was stitched up, getting it off my shoulders was no easy task. I headed online in search of a 24-inch dress zip, but found nothing. My solution is a two-way zip:


I also noticed the fabric fraying at the edges pretty rapidly. This made the whole thing look untidy on the inside, and the loose threads played havoc with the machine.

My pattern simply says ‘finish the edges’, and I wasn’t sure the best way how. I considered buying some pinking shears or using a zigzag stitch, but after browsing some forums I settled on using my machine’s Overedge Stitch function. This meant going around the border of every pattern piece I had cut out – 15 in total – just to stop everything from unravelling. It took about two and a half hours; they don’t show you that bit on Project Runway.


At this point I realised I needed pattern pieces for my inseam pockets. I found an easy tutorial on YouTube and decided to follow it, overedge stitching these too.

I could have used denim or calico, but have some grey and white printed cotton left over from a recent upholstery project. I like the idea of having a peek of pattern inside the pockets, and the colours look great again the inky denim.


I’m finally ready to start sewing everything together.


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