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Red denim dungarees shorts – part 1

Since the creation of my denim romper went so well, Marc has asked me to fashion (pun intended) him a pair of red dungaree shorts that he can wear to Mighty Hoopla in June.

I’ve realised fairly instantly that buying patterns can be expensive, so it pays to recycle and re-imagine wherever possible. With this in mind, I’ve set about the task by adapting the romper pattern. (If this carries on I’m going to feel like Marge Simpson when she repeatedly butchered that pink Chanel suit.)

I started by reminding myself what a pair of denim dungaree shorts look like, and found these on ASOS:dung

Bulging biceps notwithstanding, there’s a lot I like about this. I think the front apron can do without the centre seam, but will be stealing the asymmetric pocket details. I’m also going to attempt to mimic the pockets and include a zip fly, which is a whole new kettle of WTFish for me.

As far as the back goes, I’ve elected to mimic the below, also found via Google Image Search:


It can do without the belt loops, but the shape is ideal. I’ve adapted the rear of the romper pattern so the shoulder straps and upper ‘point’ of the back start from roughly where the rear yoke would end. I’ve also acquired some dungaree clips for the purpose:


After trying the calico on Marc and taking it in rather a lot at the sides (he’s a very svelte 29″ waist these days), I’ve finalised the below pattern. Notice how I’ve added amended the leg front to add a zip, and created pattern pieces for the pocket bag. I’ll also need to create an extra, smaller pocket to sit on the front; I’ve not yet decided whether to add the flap to the larger pocket.


After some thought, I think the apron will need reshaping so it’s the full width of the waistband at the bottom; if not, I could narrow the apron and add a full-width band as a separate piece at the bottom. Now I’m just waiting for the denim and zip to arrive in the post (Fabricland not proving fruitful in this regard), and then I can crack on.


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