Sewing · Work in Progress

Loose threads

I’ve been a busy boy recently, and after my initial fervent fortnight’s sewing I’ve been away from the machine for a little while.

Part of the reason was sewing fatigue, and another was a recent road trip to help a friend relocate to Amsterdam.

We drove down to London to pick him up, and I gave the denim romper its first public outing. It drew a couple of perturbed looks from middle aged blokes on the M4 services but this is what I get for experimenting with fashion outside of the capital (nobody on the tube batted an eyelid, for better or worse).

It proved pretty comfortable for the day, if not a little restrictive because of the lack of stretch (and a bit chilly come nightfall). I’ve already pretty much decided to remake it ahead of the Mighty Hoopla, perhaps in a stretch cotton camouflage; it depends what I can find fabric-wise.

On the drive home from the Netherlands we called in for an hour in Bruges. Neither of us have been before and an hour was enough to convince us to return sometime soon, perhaps for the Christmas markets. We’ve started collecting Christmas tree ornaments from our travels, and the latest addition is a cute teddy with buttons and spools of thread. I adore him.

On my return (and after 15 days or so), my Empress Mills order of red stretch denim for Marc’s red dungarees has finally arrived. I’m pretty pleased with it, as it feels soft and quite luxurious. I think they’ll come out well. I’m ready to start cutting, and should have that done by the time the weekend is through.

After publishing photos of the denim romper, a friend has actually commissioned (!!) me to make one for him. It’s currently under construction, but is coming together quickly. It’s black stretch denim with lime green thread, and will include a few silver details. I struggled to find an appropriate zip, but eventually got hold of a pale grey 24-inch two-way zip with silver teeth.

I’ve got some silver studs at the post office ready to collect, which I’ll use to embellish the denim and break it up a little. The stitching is a lot neater this time; I’ve increased the stitch length to 3 (from 2) and it looks more authentically like ‘jeans’ should.

I’ve left the side seams open currently, so I can tailor it to Mike’s shape when he visits at the end of March. In the meantime, I can cut out and add the collar, and plan the inseam pockets.


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