Sewing · Work in Progress

Sometimes the clothes do not make the man. And vice versa.

It’s two days after the brilliant Mighty Hoopla festival in London and I’m still on a (metaphorical) high. But from a sewing perspective, it’s decidedly a case of mixed emotions.

I’ve been ill recently (including a brief spell in hospital) and, coupled with our busy social schedule, I’ve been away from the sewing machine for a prolonged period. As a consequence, Marc’s red dungarees weren’t good enough to be wearable for the day.

Since I was working without a pattern (a brave move for a total novice, I admit), I cut them too long in the back and too wide around the waist. Basically, I cut them for me, and not for petite, svelte Marc. The front apron is too wide, too.


The second problem was working with a stretch denim for the first time; I accidentally stretched the fabric while top-stitching the rear panels, creating a shitting wavy finish that couldn’t be fixed – and I didn’t have enough leftover denim to recut them. The finished piece looks great on a hanger, but not when you wear them.

I’ve ordered some fresh red denim so I can attempt re-making them, having learnt plenty of lessons from my first attempt at patterning, and taking some confidence from my first successful zip fly.

On the other hand, I was brave enough to wear my romper to the festival and it stood up easily to many hours of enthusiastic dancing. I had loads of people come up to me and ask where I’d got it from. I felt really good saying that I’d made it myself, and may even end up with a couple more paying customers.


I’m determined to remake it, though, again in dark denim. I love the way it looks, but hate the lack of stretch. So there’s some inky indigo denim on its way to me, too.

In a further boost of confidence, Mikey has sent me photos of him in his black romper. He looks terrific in it (the tattoos really add to the aesthetic), and he’s personalised it with a brilliant Elvira patch.

In other news, I’m rapidly running out of time to complete Emma’s Glastonbury Absinthe Fairy outfit, which is what I’m going to be spending this coming Saturday doing.

I’ve so far spray painted the bodice a fern green, and started creating the skirt with layers of pleated, shiny polyester. I need to attach the two to one another (a relatively easy task, I hope) and then liberally apply some plastic ivy (yet to be acquired) with spray mount.



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